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Dear participants of COP 28, Dear friends and acquaintances

Haven't we all asked ourselves what really matters at the core? This reflection goes far beyond intellectual gimmicks and touches the very essence of our existence. Please take 10 minutes to pause, read and reflect on the following lines - thoughts that broaden our view beyond our own horizons.

Let's try to look at our existence from the perspective of the entire community of life on earth. The ideas that the earth is subservient to us and that we are the crowning glory of creation shape our world view and our actions profoundly. We position ourselves not as part of the biosphere, but as its rulers - with far-reaching consequences.

We believe in our technology, want to build big machines to restore what has been damaged and control the balance of CO2. But are we not overestimating ourselves according to a well-known pattern?

Are we first citizens of this earth and then members of a nation state?

This question leads us directly to the acute problems of our time.

Do we want to capitulate to the challenges, look away and silently observe

how we are "driving the biosphere up the wall"?

Shouldn't we be thinking about removing the protection of the biosphere from party political and national discourse?

After all, the decision to stop at a red light is not a political issue either.

Murder is a crime and the right to life is non-negotiable.

Similarly, the integrity of our biosphere should not be a matter of political debate.

Do we need an overarching vision and priority to get out of the ecological crisis?

I appeal to the representatives of COP 28 and to all the organizations who are discussing the climate crisis there: Stop and read this appeal. COP28 in Dubai, which begins on November 30, is a crucial moment. 70’000 from around the world will come together to potentially adopt another program for the future of our climate.

An intact biosphere is not a luxury, but an existential necessity.

The earth, our biosphere, has no voice of its own and therefore no right of its own. We take it for granted - just as we only value our health when we fall ill.

In order to protect the biosphere sustainably, we must give it its own legal status.

This is essential for the survival of all life forms on our planet.

Politics alone will not be able to solve this problem. It is too often caught up in ego and power games, trapped in short-term thinking and increasingly driven by nationalistic interests.

This course is leading us into a bleak future.

Did you know that you cannot live without the billions of microorganisms in your body?

You need air, water and food - everything comes from the stateless biosphere.

The ecological catastrophe is man-made and has planetary consequences.

The question is whether we want to use our knowledge, our reason and our capacity for foresight.

Whether we live, work, study, travel, walk, eat well, love, do politics, go to church or celebrate - all this requires an intact biosphere. We are still guided by instincts from the Stone Age, but the influence of modern man on the environment is incomparably greater today. The old instincts are outdated and we need to develop new ones that warn us of the dangers of our own actions.

While there are positive approaches to protecting the biosphere, they are insufficient on a global scale.

The facts are clear: coal mining, for example, reached a new high in 2022.

My voice as an individual may be quiet, but what I can do is share my thoughts in the hope that they will be passed on.

What distinguishes the constitution of earth from other initiatives, ideas and programs?

A "Constitution of Earth" would be a conscious evolutionary step. It is distinguished by its planetary scope and the integration of principles that have the well-being of all humanity and the planet in mind. It strives for a uniform legal and ethical basis at planetary level that applies equally to all and has an impact in all areas. As a basis for a peaceful, just and healthy life on earth for all.

You might say that this idea is unworldly. What is the result of clinging to national and particular interests, structures and ways of thinking that have led us into this crisis?

It is time to take the step from ruthless dominator to responsible gardener of the earth. Give a little of your time, your name, organization or financial support. Any action is more than nothing. Spread the word. Thank you!

November 2023, Donald Jacob

→ → constitution of earth is a registered, non-profit association. Donations can be deducted from tax

Raiffeisen Bank, Basel, Switzerland

Constitution of earth


IBAN CH 87 8080 8005 4512 2810 9

Further reading in german, English as PDF available on request:

"Eine Verfassung für die Erde" von Donald Jacob, oekom verlag, 2022

"The current challenge is that our system, which has led to this ecological crisis, continues to seek solutions based on the same questionable principles. Breaking out of this vicious circle requires a broader perspective and a paradigm shift. Nature is no longer an almost inexhaustible resource, but an equal partner that we must respect and protect in order to fulfill our planetary responsibilities."

Donald Jacob

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