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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Earth Constitution provides a powerful platform for accelerating the breakthrough of green technologies and other ecological inventions of science on a global level. By providing a framework for governments to work collaboratively, we can ensure that these solutions are put into action now, not in 10 or more years. This will help to protect our planet and ensure that future generations have access to a healthy and sustainable environment.


We have the necessary resources, knowledge, and manpower to bring about an ecological transformation of our planet. What we need now is a global constitution that outlines the fundamental rights of all people, including the right to a healthy and sustainable environment. With this, we can ensure that those responsible for environmental destruction are held accountable and that our planet is restored. Let us unite to create this powerful instrument – a Constitution for Earth – that will guide us towards a more sustainable future.

Our Story

Earth Party is a non-profit, independent society founded by individuals from all corners of the world who are passionate about protecting our planet in a truly sustainable, efficient way. Our mission is to create a powerful instrument of change in the form of a Constitution for the Community of Life on Earth, one that will benefit all of us equally. This Constitution will be based on scientific understanding and be above any political, religious, or cultural orientation, and will be applicable to individuals, clubs, cities, countries, organizations, and movements of all kinds. It will direct research and funding towards a circular, ecological economy, creating millions of new jobs and ensuring a healthy basis of life for all living beings. By driving this global effort, we hope to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for us all. This initiative began in 2019 when Donald Jacob published a manifesto about a Constitution for the Earth and put it up online. Since then, his research on ecology has been the basis for the association's independent work. With this Constitution, we will be able to create a binding law that will initiate an ecological transition for the whole world.

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