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Our vision: A Constitution for the Earth

We want to create an planetary constitution that is based on scientific understanding, which stands above political, religious, or cultural orientations, in order to address the ongoing ecological crisis and foster the protection of our biosphere worldwide. It aims to provide a comprehensive and effective legal framework that transcends human-centric perspectives and recognizes the intrinsic value and rights of Nature itself. By recognizing the rights of Nature, a new normative framework would be established to guide decision-making processes, promote ecological restoration, and facilitate the transition towards sustainable practices across all sectors. This campaign offers a platform for collective action, enabling individuals and organizations to channel their efforts towards a common goal of securing a resilient and thriving planet for present and future generations. 

With a constitution we can ensure that those responsible for environmental destruction are held accountable, and that our planet can be rejuvenated. The planetary constitution is a basic tool to facilitate the provision of the resources necessary for the ecological transformation of the Earth. This powerful tool will aid the breakthrough of green technologies and other ecological inventions of science on a global scale. By creating a framework for governments to work together, we will ensure that these solutions are put into action now, not only in 10 or more years from now. With a constitution behind us we can protect our planet and ensure that in future generations there is a healthy basis for all living things.

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