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We give the earth a voice - because it has none.
After human rights, it's time for natural rights, worldwide. We realise that we can't buy a second Earth, and we don't want to live on Mars.

Giving the Earth its own voice isn't just important; it's a powerful tool transformative in all human actions

The aim is to protect our biosphere at constitutional level: an intact biosphere is the basis of life for us all.

All legislation and jurisdiction should take this constitutional protection into account.

The Constitution for the Earth is intended to create a tool to protect our nature in a profound and long-term manner.

The first step is for individual countries to enshrine this in their constitutions.


  • Drives Sustainable Practices: Recognizing Earth's rights encourages sustainable living, influencing everything from daily habits to large-scale industrial practices.

  • Shapes Policy and Governance: It informs policy-making, ensuring laws and regulations prioritize the planet's health alongside human development.

  • Inspires Education and Awareness: Embedding this concept in education cultivates a generation that values and acts for environmental stewardship.

  • Fosters Global Collaboration: It unites nations under a common cause, transcending borders for global environmental initiatives.

  • Catalyzes Innovation: Encourages the development of green technologies and sustainable solutions in response to Earth's needs.

  • Enhances Social Equity: By protecting natural resources, it ensures equitable access for all communities, fostering social justice.


Incorporating the Earth's voice into our actions redefines progress, balancing human advancement with the planet's well-being. #PlanetaryResponsibility


75 years after the Human Rights Charter, it is time to move on to the next level. The rights of Nature.

A Constitution for the Earth

  • Biosphere centered not human centered, that makes the difference

  • We set the focus on ecology and the biosphere

  • Enhancing Global Protection Efforts. Embracing the rights of Nature

  • Pushing for a Paradigm Shift #PlanetaryResponsibility

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Let’s give the biosphere its own rights, provide it with its own voice alongside humankind. 

The Constitution for the Earth is a powerful instrument with the ability to influence and shape every facet of life. It provides a comprehensive framework for positive change towards safeguarding Earth's ecosystems, species, and the well-being of everyone and everything. 

Join us in pushing for a paradigm shift that recognizes the rights of Nature as fundamental to global governance and environmental sustainability.

Unite individuals, scientists, organizations, and policymakers in recognizing and implementing the rights of Nature, and shaping a resilient and thriving planet.

Join us to contribute to a comprehensive legal framework that transcends human-centred perspectives and promotes sustainable practices. Together, we can create a future where the rights of Nature are respected, cherished, and enshrined in the Constitution for the Earth.

EVERYONE benefits from the constitution for the earth.



Campaign milestones

  • Establish "Constitution for the Earth" foundation as a sponsoring organization.

  • Fundraise to support campaign goals.

  • Find influential ambassadors and engage scientists to reinforce the impact of the campaign.

  • Build strong alliances, partner with organizations to advance the cause.

  • Launch Alternative COP: Host a widely based conference to work together to carry the planetary constitution forward.

  • Seek the ratification of the planetary constitution by First Nations

  • Sensitize the general public and develop its awareness of the planetary constitution as a basis for a healthy and prosperous future for all.

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Seminal ideas lead to change 

The Renaissance provided the spark that unleashed art, knowledge, and established human rights, influencing the fight against slavery.

With the Enlightenment came reason, liberty, and human rights, shaping revolutions.

The Industrial Revolution transformed society, putting an end to slavery. 

Finally, pioneers of civil rights and women's rights fought for equality, advancing human rights.


The biosphere serves as the underlying foundation for all human action and thought; our existence and well-being are intricately linked to the health and stability of the natural environment. The biosphere provides us with essential resources, such as clean air, water, and food, it shapes our physical surroundings and influences our cultural, social, and economic systems. Recognition of the vital importance of the biosphere is crucial in guiding our decisions and actions towards sustainability, conservation and responsible stewardship of Earth's resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

The present system is helpless in dealing with the ecological catastrophe

“Last year saw a record high in coal mining: 8 billion tons”

The current systems for protecting the environment do not suffice to deal with the scale and urgency of the ecological crisis. We need a radical transformation of our social structures to prioritize the protection and restoration of the environment.

Human actions are the biggest danger for the biosphere

Human activities such as deforestation, overfishing and the burning of fossil fuels are the main causes of environmental degradation and the species extinction. Only through individual and collective responsibility can we reduce our impact on the natural world.

Biosphere protection needs to be taken to a new level

There is an urgent need to step up our efforts to protect the natural world way beyond what has been achieved so far. Existing protection and sustainability measures are totally inadequate, and we must act quickly to protect our planet. It is not an issue of politics, nor is it a question of religion or national sovereignty, it is simply a matter of common sense.

We need to establish a Constitution for the Earth to which humans are subject

We propose a radical solution to the ecological crisis by calling for the establishment of a planetary constitution that prioritizes the protection and restoration of the biosphere above all else. Current systems of governance prioritize human interests over the natural world. We need a new system that puts the environment first.


Core objectives

  • Protection and Preservation: prioritize the safeguarding of the biosphere's diverse ecosystems and species.

  • Sustainable Resource Management: manage natural resources responsibly for the benefit of all.

  • Climate Stabilization: address climate change for the well-being of present and future generations.

  • Biodiversity Conservation: conserve and restore biodiversity in order to ensure a thriving biosphere that benefits everyone.

  • Ecosystem Integrity: Protect the ecological balance in order to sustain the basis of existence that our planet provides for all living things.

  • Education and Awareness: Promote environmental education and awareness in order to foster responsible actions and harmonious coexistence.

  • responsible actions and harmonious coexistence.

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