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75 years after the human rights, it is time for a next level.

Elevating Global Protection Efforts: Embracing the Rights of Nature

Advocating for a Paradigm Shift. The Constitution of Earth.

Give the biosphere its own rights, recognize it and give it its own voice alongside humans.

The constitution of earth is a most powerful instrument that holds the ability to influence and shape every sector, providing a comprehensive framework for positive change in safeguarding Earth's ecosystems, species, and the well-being of all. 

Join us in advocating for a paradigm shift that recognizes the rights of nature as fundamental for global governance and environmental sustainability. Individuals, Scientists, organizations, and policymakers together to recognize and implement the rights of nature, shaping a resilient and thriving planet.

Join us to contribute to a comprehensive legal framework that transcends human-centric perspectives and promotes sustainable practices.Together, we can create a future where the rights of nature are respected, cherished, and enshrined in the Constitution of Earth.

EVERYONE benefits from a constitution of earth.

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Campaign milestones

  • Establish "Constitution of the Earth" foundation as a supporting organization.

  • Fundraise to support campaign goals.

  • Find influential ambassadors and engage scientists to amplify the impact of the campaign.

  • Build strong alliances, partner with organizations to advance the cause.

  • Launch Alternative COP: Host an inclusive conference to advance the constitution together.

  • Ratification of the constitution by first nations

  • Sensitization and awareness development of the general public as a basis for a healthy and prosperous future for all.

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Bevore a change was the idea

Renaissance sparked art, knowledge, and human rights, influencing the fight against slavery.

Next, Enlightenment introduced reason, liberty, and human rights, shaping revolutions.

Then, Industrial Revolution transformed society, ending slavery.Lastly, pioneers of civil rights and women's rights fought for equality, advancing human rights.


The biosphere serves as the underlying foundation for all human action and thinking, as our existence and well-being are intricately linked to the health and stability of the natural environment. The biosphere provides us with essential resources, such as clean air, water, and food, while also shaping our physical surroundings and influencing our cultural, social, and economic systems. Recognizing the vital importance of the biosphere is crucial in guiding our decisions and actions towards sustainability, conservation, and responsible stewardship of the Earth's resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

The existing system is helpless against the ecological catastrophe

“Last year record high coal mining 8 Billion tons”. The current systems in place to protect the environment are insufficient to address the scale and urgency of the ecological crisis. It calls for a transformation of our societal structures to prioritize environmental protection and restoration.

Human actions are the biggest danger for the biosphere

Human activities, such as deforestation, overfishing, and burning fossil fuels, are the primary drivers of environmental destruction and species extinction. It emphasizes the need for individual and collective responsibility to reduce our impact on the natural world.

Biosphere protection needs to be taken to a new level

There is an urgent need to increase efforts to protect the natural world, beyond what has been done in the past. Existing conservation and sustainability measures are not sufficient. we need to act quickly to protect the planet. It is not a question of politics, not a question of religion or country it is simply a question of reason.

We need to establish a Constitution of Earth that is hierarchically above humans

A solution to the ecological crisis by calling for the establishment of a global constitution that prioritizes the protection and restoration of the biosphere above all else. It implies that the current systems of governance prioritize human interests over the natural world, and that we need a new system that puts the environment first.

Followed by other core objectives

  • Protection and Preservation: Prioritize the safeguarding of the biosphere's diverse ecosystems and species.

  • Sustainable Resource Management: Manage natural resources responsibly for the benefit of all.

  • Climate Stabilization: Address climate change for the well-being of present and future generations.

  • Biodiversity Conservation: Conserve and restore biodiversity to ensure a thriving biosphere that benefits everyone.

  • Ecosystem Integrity: Protect the ecological balance to sustain the planet's geniality for all living beings.

  • Education and Awareness: Promote environmental education and awareness to inspire responsible actions and foster a harmonious coexistence.

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